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Aditya Bhatt

  • Monika Chauhan - Health and Fitness Consultant

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Hi, this is Aditya Bhatt, a Nutrition Consultant, Biomechanics specialist, Physique and figure training specialist, MMA conditioning coach, and a Certified manual therapist and first of all, if you are reading this let me congratulate you to begin your fitness journey with me.

So let me tell you something about me when I was in school I always had a dream to be in front of the camera, to become a model and an actor so I grew up with that dream of mine and went to college and like every other teenager I engaged in my college so much that I couldn’t think about my physical fitness at that time. eating unhealthy all the time and very few physical activities.

One day I just looked at myself in the mirror and I was 90kgs at that time so, I decided to do something about it and started working out in my final year of college in 2015. and from that time I never looked back, I won the title of MR. MP 2016 and got selected for some other modeling shoots and even for movies.

But, it all happened because of my dedication and consistency towards fitness. Honestly speaking I enjoyed and learned a lot about fitness and I finally decided to take fitness as my career. I have been into fitness for the past 4 years to be exact and completed around 10 certifications in a different specialization like Nutrition expert from INFS, (Biomechanics, physique and figure training, MMA conditioning coach) from NESTA, Healing through trigger point therapy, sciatica pain relief, peripheral nerve entrapments from NAT as a certified practitioner.
So what are you waiting for? Let me help you to achieve your fitness goals and put you in the right lane of fitness.

Why choose me?

You can not measure fitness in some days, weeks, months, or years it’s a lifestyle that you have to follow and enjoy. I mainly aim to make those changes in your life so that you never feel that you are onto some fitness regime.

Are you looking for diet and exercise consultancy?
Are you preparing for a photoshoot?
Are you injured and looking for a rehab plan?
Are you the one who feels uncomfortable while performing any exercise?
Are you the one who wants to learn Boxing or MMA?
If any of your answers is a “YES” then you can choose me as your coach.


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6 Weeks Single Person Nutrition & Workout Package
180 Days Single Person (includes nutrition & workout package)
90 Days Single Person (includes nutrition & workout package)
90 Days Twin (includes nutrition & workout package)
180 Days Twin (includes nutrition & workout package)
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