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Monika Chauhan

  • Dipankar Mazumder- Health and Fitness Consultant

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Hello! Do you feel fit today? If not, then you have already taken your first corrective step towards healthier living, as you read through this section. I am Monika Chauhan, a practising nutrition consultant and fitness coach with numerous successful lifestyle transformations to my credit.

The trust that my followers have placed on me has helped me add feathers to my hat. Cannot call myself a fitness enthusiast since childhood, but have transformed my perspective towards life over the last 3 years. As a child, I have always been active and energetic, represented my school and college at competitive levels in karate, athletics and volleyball. However, chasing prudent fitness goals was not my cup of tea.

Having pursued my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, I have worked across various advertising and PR firms. Been associated with some training institutes as well at managerial roles. Just like any other Indian commoner, I started gaining those extra kilos over the years due to an inactive lifestyle, improper nutrition, diet and overall ignorance to the healthier bent of my existence. To add on, I have been a chronic thyroid patient as well.

I began my transformation in 2018, primarily to look even and feel lighter. Little did I know that fitness would induce its passion and I would embrace this as a career, if not just a lifestyle. Today, I am a qualified expert in nutrition and fitness, and an Exercise Science Specialist from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS).

Why choose me?

Commonly summoned as “The Friendly Neighbourhood Coach”, I have been influencing and instructing people since the last 2 years to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having transformed my own life from being a flabby 9 to 5 jobber to nurturing fitness and healthier lifestyle as a profession, it has been quite a rewarding journey studded with experiences from which you can always benefit from. Not the “been there, done that” kind but definitely a shoulder to rely on.


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180 Days Twin (includes nutrition & workout package)
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