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Having Trouble Losing Weight? It Might Be The Cardio To Blame

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You might be exercising, sweating, and jogging for a prolonged period to shed those extra kilos, but to your surprise, the scale isn’t moving past the number you saw the last time you lost an inch. This might feel disheartening but don’t discourse yourself from your set goal because this might be an indication it’s time to upgrade your strategies and work accordingly.

After a certain time span, the workout plan needs to be blamed instead of yourself for having your weight stuck at one point. This is also a valid reason why experts recommend having a nutrition and fitness consultant onboard when you opt for a fitness program.

They are designated and trained to help you reach your goal. Thus, they know when and how things work and need an update to make it alright.

After speaking to our experts at Your Fitness Lane, we get back to the main points. Here’s what you should do to get substantial results. Take a look;

● Switch up!

Making changes in your set workout or diet plans is actually what you necessitate at this point in time. Usually, the weight loss we undergo at the initial stages of our journey is marked as water weight loss. And it is apparent to have stuck after that because that’s the phase where actual things began.

Since here and forth things require a few calculations to get things right, it is best to have an online nutrition and fitness coach by your side of help.

● Less cardio, more muscle builds

Lifting weights helps you build your strength, regulates your hormones, and even stimulates their production. On the other side, prolonged cardio will regulate cortisol and narrate your body to hold more fat as energy. So focus more on muscle building instead of cardio.

Besides, if you are confused about what plan you should adopt for effective results, check out some of our best online fitness coaching programs. You can even see the transformation pictures to evaluate the rests.

● Focus on diet and incorporate HIIT for weight loss

Our best of best online fat loss coach states that incorporating HIIT in your workout plan and maintaining a healthy diet is the easiest way to succeed in your weight loss journey.

A short, intense workout with a balanced diet would fetch your energy as well as help you burn the requisite calories required for effective results.

● Avoid overexertion

Since cardio and strength training demand lots of energy input, don’t undertake both on the same day. And even if you do, make sure you balance their proportion to avoid overexertion. Otherwise, you might find yourself lying on the bed for a prolonged period.

With fitness playing at the fore, particularly now, it can be ascertained having the person to help you is better than taking things into your own hands. Although the new online layout might not exactly mimic the standard fitness format, considering safety it is better to opt for online coaching.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our fitness experts at Your Fitness Lane and start your fitness journey today!

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