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Chicken ravioli in white sauce

Chicken ravioli in white sauce

‘C’ for Cheese and ‘C’ for Comfort food!!
Once in a while, cook up something fancy plate it up nice and sexy and enjoy
Whole wheat flour – 100gm + 2tbsp
Egg – 1
Minced Chicken – 100gm
Mushroom – 6-7 (finely chopped)
Spinach – handful (finely chopped)
Onion – 1/2 (finely chopped)
Garlic – 2 cloves (finely chopped or crushed)
Spring onion greens – 2-3 strands (chopped)
Cheese – 2 cube (grated)
Olive oil – 5gm
Butter – 10gm
Salt and Black Pepper – to taste
* Add little salt in flour and knead a soft dough with beaten egg only. Keep it aside for an hour in a cling wrap.
* Saute the onion n mushroom in olive oil till water from mushroom dries up. Add salt n pepper.
* Let it semi-cool then add minced chicken and spinach and mix well.
* Once cooled, mix in 1 cube grated cheese.
* Roll the dough in thin sheet and cut small discs of about 2.5inch in diameter.
* Place the filling and overlap it with another dough disc.
* Put water on edges and seal with a fork.
* Cover and boil for about 10-15min in water.

White sauce

* Melt butter in pan and add garlic. Add in 2tbsp whole wheat flour in it while on flame. Stir and mix for few seconds then add around 200gm milk slowly mixing it all up and little water.
* Mix well so as to not form lumps. Add salt and oregano and 1 grated cheese cube and cook till desired consistency.
* Add in the cooked raviolis and let it boil with lid on for a minute. Add in chopped spring onion.
Macro breakdown (approximate values)

Carbs : 87
Protein : 40
Fats : 34
Total Calories: 814
( Adjust within your macros and enjoy )

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