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Nutty soya peanut butter delight

Nutty soya peanut butter delight

Ingredients :-

Raw soya granules -20 grams

Whey (choc peanut butter flavour) – half scoop

Almonds – 5 grams

Grated carrots -20 grams

Ghee -3 grams

Directions –

Step 1 -In a non stick pan add the ghee and grated carrots and saute for 2-3 mins

Step 2 -Add soaked soya chunks and cook for 5 mins ,add crushed almonds

Step 3 -In a separate  bowl mix the whey in water till it forms a chocolate sauce like consistency .

Step 4 -When the soya mix is dry add the whey to it and mix for 1 min ,keep a bit of whey sauce away for garnishing.

Step 5-Now keep the mixture in a bowl press it nicely then put it in the freezer for 10 mins.

Step 6-Now plate the mix as shown in the picture and garnish it with the balance whey sauce and an almond.

Step 7 -The yummy dessert is now ready .


Recipe courtesy -Neha gupta


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